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Jose Pesantez is a young Graphic Artist who has a deep passion for Music and Art. Born in New York and raised in a few different places (New York, Florida, Ecuador, Massachusetts) I've always had a deep appreciation for Art and Music. I was first introduced to Graphic design when I was about 15 years old. During that same time I began learning how to play guitar and piano. Now at the age of 20, my love for both Music and Designing has grown and it's helping me strive to be a better designer.

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It all began when I decided to create a place where young graphic artists like myself wanted a place to share their work, meet new people, and get resources to be a better designer. I decided to create a forum based graphic community at the age of 16. Ever since then, my expirience with customers has grown and still is growing. Small jobs like helping my High School with posters and other designs, as well as T-Shirt Designs I made for the school have helped me so much.


I began with Photoshop and spent many years learning and learning how to use photoshop to its fullest pontential. I am still learning more about Photoshop but I have also moved on and began to learn Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDeseign and Adobe Dreamweaver. However the three programs that I feel the most comfortable with are Photoshop, Premire Pro, and Illustrator.


High School 2007 - 2011: Advanced Math and Science Acadamy Charter School
College Education 2011 - Present: University of Massachusetts Lowell ( Graphic Design Major ).

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